Tree of Life Cemetery

Located just outside of Lynchburg, Tree of Life Cemetery offers the quiet setting of nature along with the convenience of the city. Tree of Life Cemetery is located on Highway 29, a few miles away from the town of Altavista. The cemetery spans three acres and has a beautiful view of the Blue Ridge Mountains. It is a very peaceful and serene setting with very little outside disturbances. It is a wonderful final resting place because of its beautiful nature and reverent atmosphere.

  1. Pre-planning helps relieve stress on your loved ones as they try to plan for the future.
  2. We offer special discounts and financing should you choose to pre-plan.
  3. Shocking as it may be, funeral costs double every eight to ten years. Pre-planning helps you lock in in TODAY’s selling price
  4. Pre-planning helps you have peace of mind by knowing that everything is taken care of when you are gone.
We currently charge $800.00 for all at need purchases, however; we offer special discounts for members of Tree of Life Ministries and for pre-need families. We also offer payment plans for families who choose to pre-plan. That means that if you plan ahead, we can help make your purchase more affordable.

Holy Land USA Cemetery

Located near the picturesque Blue Ridge Mountains, Holy Land USA Cemetery is a 20 acres cemetery with a beautiful view of the Peaks of Otter. Of those 20 acres, 7 are developed so far, leaving 13 acres for further expansion. Here are a few great features of Holy Land USA Cemetery:

  1. Holy Land USA Cemetery has a beautiful prayer chapel with the Lord’s Prayer written on the walls in over ninety languages
  2. There are very few outside disturbances in Holy Land USA Cemetery and it is a very peaceful final resting place

We currently charge $800.00 for all at-need purchases, however; as we mentioned earlier, we offer special discounts and financing to those who choose to pre-plan. This means, if you choose to plan ahead, we can help make your purchase more affordable.

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