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About Embrace grace

The Embrace Grace Support Group provides emotional, practical, and spiritual support for single, young pregnant women who find themselves in an unexpected pregnancy. The primary goal of Embrace Grace is to empower the church to be a safe and non-judgmental place for these young women to run to when they find out they are pregnant, instead of the last place they are welcomed because of shame and guilt.

Group Details

Has your life been impacted by a surprise pregnancy? No matter your past or what you are going through, whether you choose to parent or place for adoption, we want to walk with you. When you join Embrace Grace you will: meet weekly for 12 weeks, be encouraged by women who have walked in your shoes, and make new friends. Being pro-love is an action. We want to show that love by being the hands and feet of Jesus.

Group Leader: Shanay Barbour

EMAIL: shanay@tolm.net

Sessions are held every Wednesday at 7 PM in the Choir Room.

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