Day 10 – Belief vs Disbelief

Mark 6:6 – “And he was amazed at their unbelief. He was going around the villages teaching.”
It can be hard to convince someone of something they’ve never seen. Sometimes people can see it and still never believe it. Jesus has gone into Nazareth. He desired to do the supernatural. He wanted to work miracles. Scripture says that He did do a few, but the crowded town had no interest in Him or what He could do for them. It’s pretty sad to see the Son of God treated this way and turned away. It troubles me to see people reject Him. It bothers me to see the desire of Christ to be with people and change their life, but they want nothing to do with Him. Little was all that He could do because few were the number that chose to believe and receive. On this Journey, I’d rather be in the few that believed and received than the many who rejected and got nothing. I’d rather Christ be amazed at my belief than I would His amazement at my disbelief. Christ wants to do the amazing, all He asks us to do is believe. I would not want to be written of me, “Jesus could do no great work in his life, because of the unbelief in his heart.” I choose to believe no matter who does or doesn’t believe! We must refuse to allow our faith to be affected by those who are without faith. Unbelief must not affect your belief. Unbelief must not be allowed to cause disbelief. If anything, it should be the other way around. While on this Journey, BELIEVE! Believe with all that is in you and watch Christ do the miraculous in and through you!
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