Day 11 – Lighten the Load

Luke 12:15 – “’s life is not in the abundance of his possessions.”
Simple is better. Less is more. Both are sayings I’m sure you’ve heard before. What do they mean in an age of accumulation? We have an affection for stuff. An attraction for stuff. The passing of loved ones has never been more of a reality. Stuff rarely used. Stuff with sales tags still on it. Stuff that sat on the shelves. Stuff that filled shelves. I’m honestly at the place where I’m tired of stuff. I want less stuff. Some people are realizing this. They buy a tiny home. A home where the bare essentials are all you room for. Extra stuff won’t fit. Abundance is what Jesus is getting at the core of. There is nothing wrong with having or possessing. We have to possess a car to get to work to make a living. We have to possess a refrigerator to store food. It’s all that extra stuff or as Jesus put it, abundance. Jesus then gives a parable. A man who has enough, but enough just isn’t enough. He has to have more and more. The best way to travel in this life? Lighten the load. The less you have, the lighter the travel. The less you have, the easier it is to enjoy life. The less you accumulate, the less fighting there is over it when you’re gone. That’s right, one day you will be gone and it will go. All that stuff is just gonna create fights and hard feelings or go in the local landfill. Jesus is just trying to keep life simple and focused. If you want to accumulate, store it up in heaven. Store up treasures of real wealth in eternity. Lighten the load and the Journey will be way more enjoyable.
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