Day 13 – Divine Planning

Luke 19:31 – “If anyone asks, ‘Why are you untying that colt?’ just say, ‘The Lord needs it.’”
God uses the most simple, yet the most powerful, ways to help us see Who He is and what He can do. Jesus is preparing to go into Jerusalem. The entrance will be amazing. He must fulfill the Old Testament prophetic word given by the prophet Zechariah. (Zech.9:9) Everything was in place. All was in order. He sends His disciples to get the Word that was spoken over 500 years before. Just think, if the Lord of all creation had a donkey planned for His day 500 years before, He has your day planned before you were ever born. He is a God of divine planning. Plan on Him meeting your need. Plan on Him coming through. Plan on a miracle. He was already working before you ever started breathing. Everything about your day has been ordained by the God of the universe. It’s all there, waiting for you. Your day is about to take on a new meaning, now that you realize He has done all the planning. There will be nothing bad or good that will throw Him for a loop. It may throw you or me, but it won’t throw Him. He keeps it all together, to make it work all together. Enjoy the Journey today.
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