Day 14 – Mover’s and Shaker’s

Matt.21:10 – “And when He came into Jerusalem, all the city was moved, saying, Who is this?”
The other three Gospel writers also record His entry into Jerusalem, but only Matthew records “…all the city was moved…” The Greek word used to describe move is a seed. A small but powerful word. It means to rock or vibrate. To agitate or throw into a tremor. Ever heard music so loud it shakes the floor or ground beneath you? That’s what happened and the way it felt as Christ entered the city. Imagine sitting in your living room and the crowd outside was shouting so loud, that it shook your drink off the table and onto the floor. Imagine all your pictures on the walls turning. The worship was so loud, that it rocked the ground under the town. Praise so great it literally “moved” the city. I’m pretty sure that worship was felt in heaven, and it was felt in hell. The response of heaven was gloriously amazing, but the response of hell was fearfully upsetting. Some people in the church aren’t too fond of vibrating loud worship. Me, I like it when the people are so loud, that it shakes the place. We are meant to be the movers and the shakers of worship. Sure there are intimate times of reflecting on worship, but I like it when everyone outside the church, knows what’s going on inside. I love praise so loud that agitates those who don’t praise. Think of the people we would draw and question us if we were praised like that! The response to the question would be an easy one, it’s JESUS! Saint, of the Lion of the Tribe of Judah, praise the Lamb of God that takes away the sins of the world! Let your praise move and shake the ground under you, so that those around you are affected. If Christ has moved and shaken our world, then our praise should move and shake His world! Be a mover and a shaker of worship. Praise in a way that affects those around you while on your Journey. The same way they did that day, as He made His Journey to the Cross.
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