Day 15 – Kill Lazarus

John 12:10 – “But the chief priest has decided to kill Lazarus also.”
I know Palm Sunday was yesterday, but I felt like I needed to come back to this. Frustration is an indication of something we’re unhappy about. The Pharisees were very frustrated. They tried every which way to stop Christ and His message. Christ was bad for their business. The relgious business doesn’t like losing control over people, and they were. Christ was liberating people from man’s system of religion, and they were mad. So mad, that they plotted and made plans to kill Lazarus, because he was the reason the people were leaving them and coming to Him. Apparently Lazarus was pretty vocal about Christ did for him. Come to think of it, I would be too. If I died, and Jesus brought me back to life, no one could keep me quiet. Wait a minute…I was dead and Christ did bring me to life. Dead in sin, soul, and spirit. So were you. So why are we not causing people to seek out the Savior? Maybe it’s because we don’t view spiritual death the same as we do physical death. We have our moments of excitement, but it should be our life because it was our life. He saved our life! You’re not responsible for the whole world being effected by His transforming power in your life, but you are for those in the world of your personal life. Our goal should be, that there would be someone going after Him because of us. Our Journey should cause those around us to pursue a relationship with Him. Our Journey with Christ should compel someone else to start a Journey with Christ. Remember and reflect on that as you go about your Journey.
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