Day 16 – Jesus Cried Out

John 12:44 – “Jesus cried out, “The one who believes in me believes not in Me, but in the Him who sent Me.”
No matter who tries to describe it, no one can clearly articulate it to the degree that it deserves. I’m talking about the Passion of Christ. A previous (verse 37) gives us more insight. After all, Christ had done, many still refused to believe He was the Son of God. John writes, “Jesus cried out…” I can’t imagine the depth and level of emotion that Christ was on at this moment. All He wanted was for people to believe in His life, so they could experience eternal life. He was filled with a combination of hurt, pain, and sorrow that many still did not believe, even after they had seen and experienced all that He had done. Knowing what He’s about to go through for them only made the emotional outburst go even deeper. I believe Christ is still crying out. He’s still crying out for people to just believe in Him. Believe that He can turn your life around. Believe that He can set you free. Believe in My Father who sent Me! He hears and feels us when we cry out to Him, shouldn’t we hear and feel Him when He cries out to us? His cry for people to believe should also be our cry for people to believe. What hurts us, hurts Him, so what hurts Him should hurt us. As believers, we are on an unusual Journey. A Journey of joy and peace, but also burden and hurt for the lost. Allow His cry to come out of you. “Cry out” of your heart. Express the heart of Christ and the love of the Father. All may not believe, but one might believe.
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