Day 17 – A Quiet Hump Day

Matt. 26:1 – “When Jesus finished saying all these things, He told His disciples, “You know the Passover takes place after two days…”
In His final days here on the earth, Christ is at the midpoint of His last week. Our culture looks at the week and says that Wednesday is our midpoint day. Some refer to it in a negative way, while others refer to it in a positive way. Hump Day is a common term. There is not much information about how Christ spent His Humpday. It was almost like the calm before the storm. Spiritually, dark clouds were forming. An odd feeling is filling the atmosphere. A keen sense of something abnormal is coming. Only Christ knew what was about to take place, and He must be prepared for it. Most of us would not recluse if we knew our time was short. We’d do something crazy or off the wall. Take last fling at life. Not Christ, instead, He did the opposite. He shut down but He didn’t shut off. I personally believe that He was doing 3 Important Personal Self-Treatments for the final lap of His Journey to the Cross. He was Resting, Restoring, and Reinforcing His life. He was about to go through an intense and total depletion of His earthly body strength. He was going to need to rest His body, in preparation for the intense and horrific beating and abuse it was about to undergo. He was also Restoring Himself. Parts of His earthly being that needed to be back into place. His mind and heart needed to be cleared of any clutter or distraction, in order to have one clear path to the cross. And He was reinforcing His spiritual strength. He knew the greatest and most intense attack on His life was about to take place. The devil was goung to launch an unleashing of hellish assaults on Him. He was going to need all the reinforcing of the Father’s love and the Spirit’s power. What that teaches us, is that we must do the same in order to deal with certain times in our own life. When we’re faced with great and intense challenges, it’s a good formula when preparing to take them on. Your life Journey will take you through intense times like this, and you’ll need to pull yourself together to deal with them. You’ll need Hump Days to prepare you for the hard days ahead. Use them wisely while on your Journey.
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