Day 20 – The Curtain’s Closed

Matt. 27:59-60 – “And Joseph took the body and wrapped it in a clean linen shroud and placed it in his new tomb…”
It’s hard to hold out for a miracle. It’s tough to wait on God’s divine timing. It’s trying to believe what God said when the avenue for your miracle lays dead. How do you even start to reason out a promise made by the one Who’s life no longer exists? Christ’s body lay lifeless in a sealed tomb, guarded by Roman soldiers. There is no way in and no way out. The devil’s dancing, while religious elites are shouting. That moment before a miracle or a breakthrough always seems to be the worse. It looks the worst and feels the worst. It appears all the hope has been sucked out of the heart. Immediately, the mind goes to negative thoughts of despair. Your hope for a miracle now seems impossible. There’s one important truth I’ve learned when I look at the resurrection of Christ, “Never count the Savior out!” No matter how down you get, He’s never out! No matter how it looks, look up! That time right before the miracle may be dead time to you, but it’s preparation time for God! It’s the time that God takes to make sure that He’s recognized for pulling off what no one thought He could or would. Downtime is not dead time with God. Downtime is the work He is doing that no one sees. It’s like a show. The curtain closes and the people go to work. It opens and now a new scene has appeared. The curtain had closed on the tomb but God was at work behind the scenes. Be encouraged saint. The curtain is about to open with the greatest scene ever seen on stage.
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