Day 3 – The Divine Invitation

John 1:46 – “Can anything good come out Nazareth?” Nathaniel asked him. “Come and see…”
Jesus the Savior, is on His Journey to the cross. He invites Philip to join Him. Philip goes to invite Nathaniel, but Nathaniel poses a question, “Can anything good come out of Nazareth?” Philip had no idea what he was saying in relation to the Savior. If Philip knew, he would have asked the right and better question, “Can anything good come out of me?” When the Savior calls us to Himself, He figures in our issues and inabilities. Our dysfunction and disabilities. The Savior isn’t naive in His assessment of us. He is keenly all-knowing of who we are and what we’re all about. That’s what is so divine about His Invitation. He meets Nathaniel and tells him, “I saw you while you were there under the tree.” Jesus not only saw him, He saw what was in him, and still called him. The Savior still extends the same divine invitation today. He sees you, in and out of you, yet He still invites you. In all of your issues, problems, and hang-ups, He is still wanting you to join Him on the Journey. Jesus takes us as we are so that He makes us into what we can become. He stops on His most important Journey to divinely invite someone to join Him. He had need of Nathaniel on His Journey, and He has need of you on the Journey too. Today, He giving a divine invitation for you to join Him.
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