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Day 4 – The Stop

Luke 8:45 – “And Jesus said, “Who touched Me?” When all denied it, Peter and those with him said, “Master, the multitudes throng and press You, and You say, ‘Who touched Me?’”
If you’ve ever road any sort of public transportation, you know it makes stops. Stops to let people on and stops to let people off. Jesus is on His way to touch a young girl when He is touched by a woman with a severe health issue. Power left the Savior and went into the woman when she touched His garment. Of all the people against Jesus, only one caused Him to stop, the woman with the health issue. Her health or healing didn’t stop Him. Her faith is what stopped the Savior. The power may have left Him, but her faith is what stopped Him. What will stop the Savior quicker than anything is your faith in what you believe Christ can do. He had to stop because He knew there was someone who had exercised great faith. Someone was dying but so was she. He struggle to get to Him was great, but so was her faith. The message of this story is clear, to stop Him our faith must touch Him. We must touch Him with a faith that must naturally flow out of Him. We get His attention when we give Him our attention. On His Journey to the cross, He had to stop when someone with great faith crossed His path. Reach out to Him in faith today. Touch Him with a faith that captures His attention.
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