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Day 6 – The Life of the Party

John 2:5 – “His mother said to the servants, “Do whatever he tells you.”
Everybody knows that “one person” that’s the life of the party. They’re the one that everyone wants at their party. They’re the one that people ask if they’re going to be at the party. Weddings in Jesus day were huge parties. Entire towns came out to celebrate the occasion. It was a big deal to get married and a big deal to celebrate getting married. The celebration could last for days. For the wine to run out was a huge embarrassment. Wine was to never run out before the celebration had ended. It did, and it was bad. The mother of Jesus approaches Him with the problem. The life of the party was gone. No more wine. No more until the real life of the party stepped in. His mother petitions Him to act. “Do whatever he tells you.” She says. Notice that she never responds to Jesus when He tells her it’s not His time yet? She doesn’t even acknowledge His comment. She just turns to the people and says, “Do whatever He tells you.” Jesus then turns a dead party into a living party. Has the joy left your life? Is your spirit down? You need the Real Life put back in your party. Only Christ can restore the joy for your Journey. He takes a watered-down life and turns it into new and fresh wine.
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