Day 7 – Christ Took the Lid Off

Matt.4:19 – “And he said to them, “Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.”
We watched Michael Jordan fly through the air like nothing. We’ve seen Olympic jumpers set records. You wouldn’t know it or think it, but a flea can jump almost one hundred times the length of its body. It has the amazing ability to launch itself through the air effortlessly. But put that flea in a jar, and put the lid on it. An odd thing happens. Over time, the flea keeps hitting his head on the lid and reduces his jump. The environment reduced the potential of the flea. When you put a lid on the flea, the flea lives under the lid. Your environment has a lot to do with your ability to grow. Just ask Peter. All his life, I’m never imagined he’d ever be or become more than a fisherman. Then Jesus showed up! Was a fisherman a bad thing? No…of course not! But a Fisher of Men is a great thing! He would have never become what he was had Jesus not lifted the lid off of His life. Jesus was a Lid Lifter! A cripple was one with a lid on their legs until Jesus showed up. The blind couldn’t see until Jesus lifted the lid. The dead could only live if Jesus lifted the lid. Jesus is still lifting lids. Whatever Jesus says you can be, you can become; when He lifts the lid. He’s the great Lid Lifter of our lives!
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