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Day 9 – Demons Submit

Mark 5:6 – “When he saw Jesus from a distance, he ran and knelt before Him.”
There is not much talk of demons in the Old Testament. Certainly not in such graphic detail. Jesus brought about out to light and exposed the activity of the enemy. Whatever the activity of evil there was, now it had met its match in Christ! Prisoners of satan would be freed to live without his tormenting control. The demons of our day are just as submissive now as they were then. People may doubt their existence. The enemy wants people to disbelieve in him. Deny his existence and his activity, and you have no reason to call on the Savior. You must know that no power of satan is greater than that of the Savior. The demons that were controlling the man, went into a frenzy of torment at the appearance of Christ. They immediately bowed in the presence of the Son of God. The very presence of Christ causes demonic control to lose control, not only of themselves but of the one they’re controlling. Notice that the demons say nothing of the man. They’re worried about what Jesus is going to do to them. They’re still in a state of fear at the mention of the Name above all names – JESUS! If there is demonic activity attacking you, the Savior still has a submitting effect on them. Call on His Name! Watch the demons fall under His power and authority! Watch them squirm and thrash. Watch them beg to be left alone. There’s no demonic power that can stand His power! It was submitted then and it must submit now! Christ came to set man free of them then, and He is still setting man free from them now! On His Journey to the Cross, Christ had to make known what the power of the Cross would do to the enemy of the Cross! Come to the cross and watch the enemy submit to the Presence of Christ.
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