Day 1 – A Nobody into Somebody

1 Kings 17:1 – “Now Elijah the Tishbite, from Gilead the settlers, said to Ahab…”
There are some people in history that you hear little about, but what you do hear is a big deal. Like nuns. You hear little about Catholic Nuns. There was one nun you’ve probably heard about. A little Albanian nun that was totally obscure until she said God spoke to her. She founded a mission work that went from one nun to over 4,500 nuns, that would impact over 100 countries, and take the places she never dreamed of. Mother Theresa touched the lives of millions and was loved wherever all over the world for her tireless work in helping the poor. Elijah, a prophet unknown to the world until he just appears out of nowhere. The only history we have of him is that he’s from the Gilead settlers. From a place known for its healing balm. The place where many physicians made their home. You may wonder what God’s saying in introducing the great prophet? Always be ready in serving God. You know when He will take someone who is unknown and make them well known. He takes a nobody and instantly turns them into somebody. Out of nowhere, many are touched, lives changed, and a nation turned around all because of one unknown person. It’s amazing how God took a man from a place of healing and used him to heal. God is still doing that. You may not become as well known as Elijah or Mother Theresa, but God can still use you to impact your world. He’ll take you to minister to people in a way that they’ll know you were sent by God. Never think that you’re not important in the Kingdom. That is who God seemingly uses the most. Somebody that causes people to ask, “Where did they come from?” The response, “God! That’s where I came from. God sent me.” Just be a ready saint. You never know what God will do through someone who is just simply ready for Him to do it.

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