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Day 12 – When Hope Happens

1 King 19:15 – “Then the Lord said to him, “Go back by the way you came…”
You can always tell when a person has given up. Seldom is anything spoken of that’s positive. The outlook is always negative. You see a way out of where you are. No future. Nothing good. Only bad. Elijah had lost all hope that he would be delivered. It’s hard to believe that he’d be so desperately depressed after God had just sent fire from heaven. We think, “If I’d seen God move like that, I wouldn’t be desperate or depressed.” The truth is, that’s not the truth. Fire may not fall, but fire doesn’t have to fall for God to prove that He is faithful. His daily provision of life and over your life should be good enough. His abounding and unending love for you should be enough reason to trust and rely on Him. His endless and matchless power within you should be sufficient. It all should be, but when we allow the outward to appear bigger than the upward, we fall apart inward. God will always, no matter what it is, or how bad it gets, He will always give you hope. Hope is what Elijah needed to be restored. Hope would become the key ingredient to getting back on track. It was hope that Elijah need, and hope is what God provided. You don’t need a loan, you need hope! You don’t need a man or woman, you need hope. You don’t need a promotion, you need hope. You don’t need more medication, you need more hope. Don’t look down. Don’t look around. Don’t look within. Look up! Look to the Lord your God! Lift your head and see Who can help you get past and beyond where you’re at! Quit the negative talking and the temporary searching. You will not find hope in this world, but in the Lord, you can find hope for your life. When bad things happen, God makes hope happen. Have hope, my fellow Saint. God is in control.

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