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Day 13 – You Are Not Alone

1 Kings 19:18 – “But I will leave seven thousand in Israel…”
One of the reasons it’s becoming easier to be discouraged, as a believer in this culture, is because it seems as if there are becoming fewer believers willing to stand up against the culture. A song we used to sing comes to mind, “Days of Elijah.” It takes a positive twist. These are the day of Elijah, because of how it’s become. It’s easy to think or feel that we are slowly dwindling down to nothing. The further our society falls into moral decay, the more outnumbered believers become. It makes you feel like Elijah. No where to go and no one to turn to. All alone in an evil, immoral, and corrupt culture. You need to know that God will always work to preserve His church and advance His Kingdom. As God spoke to Elijah, He is speaking to you today, “Don’t be discouraged, there are many that are just like you! Many who are true believers. Many who have bowed to this world and honor and worship Me! Don’t be discouraged. You are not alone.” Saint, you are not alone against the evil of this world. You are not alone in the fight and in this warfare. The God of Elijah, Who took care of Elijah, in the days of Elijah, will also take care of you and all those serving the God of Elijah.

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