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Day 15 – What Can I Do For You?

2 Kings 2:9 – “…Tell me what I can do for you before I am taken from you.”
Life has a way of bringing you around. It can make you think you’re something, and it makes you think you’re nothing. Sometimes in a single day. If you are careful, you learn the balance of it. You learn that it can teach you instead of destroying you. A crazy thing happens at some point, about the time you learn how to work it, you’re too old to enjoy it. Too many years have passed for you to enjoy the years you have left. Elijah has learned so much. He learned from his highest and his lowest points. He’s not fighting what God’s doing. He’s accepted that his time has come. He’s learned one of the greatest blessings and lessons of life. It’s better to give than it is to receive. He’s preparing to leave Elisha, but he doesn’t want the last blast. He asks Elisha, “What can I do for you before I leave you?” He has learned that he is a servant of God for life. He’s understood the blessing of leaving this life with nothing but a legacy of serving the Lord. The God impression he made on Elisha is amazing. Elisha wanted a double blessing of God’s anointing that was on his life. Of all that Elisha could have asked for, he asked for what was most valuable. “I want what’s in you and on you, to be on me and in me.” That’s his request. Saint, you know that you’ve lived a legacy well when someone you know wants what God has put in you and on you. You know that you’ve lived a good life when someone else wants to double what God’s blessed you with. Money is spent. Houses and cars are a pain to keep up with, but God’s blessing and His anointing are something out of this world. Imagine it’s your last day alive, and you tell someone close to you, “What can I do for you?” Their response is, “That anointing and blessing of God on you, I want double that.” Wow! What a way to live! What a legacy to leave!

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