Day 2 – The First Assignment

1 Kings 17:1 – “Now Elijah…said to Ahab, “As the Lord God of Israel lives…there will be no rain or dew…”
A young private returns home after WW2. Many people would’ve never guessed he’d be a success. Having to immediately borrow money, from of all people, his father-in-law. The young man named Sam Walton then opened his first store. Sam’s first assignment in civilian life ended up a  great success. The first assignment of Elijah was a success, just not what you’d expect. Training for his first assignment must have taken place in the obscure time of his life. Not uncommon in God’s Word. David was tending sheep out on the range when God brought him out. Elijah is first assigned to go to Ahab. A king is notoriously known for his bad wife and bad behavior. No reverence or honor for God. Nothing good about or in him. A bad king all around, and now Elijah must go to him. Elijah’s first assignment was not just Ahab, it was to pronounce a drought. Not a desirable first assignment. You never see nor hear Elijah complain about either one. He just does what God tells him to do. If you’re going to really be used by God, you can’t pick the assignment. When God is assigning you to something, it’s not about how it makes people look at you, it’s about people looking to God. All of God’s assignments aren’t pleasant or easy. They may involve confronting life’s Ahabs. You may be moved by God to work with the worst heathen on earth or live in hard horrible conditions. Take a lesson from Elijah and just do it. Go for it with an absolute resolution of heart. Don’t make any detours or go somewhere else. Go straight to the assignment and follow God’s heart. Never forget, that first assignments lead to second, third, and fourth ones. You may be caught off guard by God, but do it with all that is in you. God’s been training you for it when you didn’t even know it. No matter how bad, Got to your Ahab.
 Give it your best no matter how bad it gets.

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