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Day 5 – You Provide the Faith

1 Kings 17:9 – “Arise, go to Zarephath…I have commanded a widow there to feed you.”
It would be an odd thing for God to tell you that He’s done something, but then when you show up and it’s not be done. Why would He say He’s done it if it looks and sounds like He hasn’t? That’s the picture we see with Elijah. God tells him to go to a town. As a result of the drought, no food is anywhere to be found. Elijah does meet the widow, but she’s not very promising. She doesn’t give much hope. She’s preparing to die. The insight of the conversation is when Elijah tells her what to do in the name of the Lord. Now we see, that in some strange twist, at some point God had revealed this to her to some degree. She was a God worshipper. The message had to meet the provision before the provision could meet the messenger. God did provide a widow, but His provision had not yet arrived. The two had to meet, in order for God’s plan to be complete. Do you remember this saint, God’s plans are way more complex than that man’s? The outcome of it seems simple, but the fact is, it was way more complex for us to fully understand. Simple commands are often part of bigger plans. God may tell us to do a simple thing, but we can easily fail to see the bigger picture. Never think that a small act of faith will not give a great reward. Great blessings come out of small acts of faith. If God says He’s going to provide, get up and go expect Him to provide. Be sensitive to His commands. Listen and do as He says without doubting hesitation or deep explanation. When you do it, expect Him to move in it. If you provide the faith, He will make the provision.

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