Day 6 – The Testing of the Blessing

1 Kings 17:17 – “Sometime later the woman’s son became sick. He grew worse and worse, and finally, he died.”

Elijah has made himself at home in the house of the widow and her son. It was as much a miracle for her and her son as it was for Elijah. She met Elijah while foraging for a few sticks for a fire to cook their last meal. God sends Elijah to her and He uses her to take care of Elijah. Now, a strange thing happens. The son of the widow passes. Why would God send someone to save their lives, only to have one taken? The widow is even perplexed by it. Elijah is key in his life coming back. “Give me your son,” Elijah says. There will always come a time when our greatest blessing goes through testing. The boy was all that she had and he was her greatest blessing. We must always remember a couple of real-life blessing truths. One never forgets where the blessing came from. The blessings of life all come from our Heavenly Father. No matter how you think you got them, they ultimately came as a result of His extravagant love for you. Secondly, whether bad or good, the blessings must kept in the ha da of the Father. The widow put her blessing into the hands of God’s man. Her great blessing had passed. What else could she do? The blessing that God gave her had to be put into the hands of the One who gave it. Revived or not, the blessing belonged in the hands of the One who gave it. There will be times God sees to return, and then times He sees to keep. You must not look at it as Him keeping it from you, you must look at it as He is saving it for you. Saving it until the day you get to be with it again. The boy was revived but had he not been, she would be with him again. The testing of the blessing is this, in whose hands do you trust the most, yours or God’s? I know we want to hold on, but sometimes we need to let go. Release it from our hands to His. Put the blessing we love most, into the hands of the Almighty who.

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