Day 7 – Troublemaker

1 Kings 18:17 – When Ahab saw him, he exclaimed, “So, is it really you, you troublemaker of Israel?”
Remember that one kid in school, or the on the bus, who was always in some kind of trouble? Not ordinary trouble, but big trouble. Trouble so bad, that when he was punished, everyone suffered for it. That’s kind of how it is with Elijah. Ahab was looking for Elijah. He finds him and he calls him a “troublemaker.” The truth is, Ahab was the troublemaker, not Elijah. Ahab and his evil wife were running the show and ruining the land. Elijah was simply obeying the Lord. Something that was not in the heart of Ahab and Jezebel. You may find yourself in the shoes of Elijah at some point. When the evil around you doesn’t get its way, it’ll view you as being in the way. When evil is opposed, it will the righteous as the opposition. Evil never views it as bringing the trouble, it views the good as being the trouble. You may be experiencing that. You’re on time at work. You’re a hard worker. But there are a few people that are slackers. Always looking for a way to get out of work and beat the timesheet. The boss asks you if they’ve been messing up, leaving early, or coming in late. You’re honest and tell the truth. Now they’re all mad at you. Their jig is up and it’s all your fault. Nope! They shouldn’t have been doing it to start with. Evil will never like good because good will always win over evil. I know it may not seem like it at times, but it does in the end. You need to know that you never back down doing right, and being right. Never allow the evil around to intimidate you. Be right before God. Do right for others. If you’re labeled a troublemaker for not allowing evil to go unchecked, then so be it. You stay in the right, no matter how wrong people get. Let them label you what they want, you know who you are and who you serve. If troublemaker is your label then be a troublemaker for God. Make trouble for evil the best you can!

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