Day 8 – The Confrontation

1 Kings 18:20 – “So Ahab summoned all the people of Israel and the prophets to Mount Carmel.”
There are some people who don’t mind it, while other people avoid it. Confrontation. It’s facing what you know needs to be dealt with. We all have our moments of confrontation. It may be a person or maybe it’s just personal. It may be someone you’ve avoided, or confronting your own issue you dread dealing with. You cannot avoid what you know you must confront. We never overcome what we fail to confront. We never live in peace until we confront that which is robbing us. When your faith is centered on Father, you can boldly confront the problem with complete confidence. That was Elijah. He had placed his faith in the right place. He was totally confident that God was going to deal with Ahab. So much so, that he had Ahab call a public gathering with all of Israel a d the false prophets. This would be the pinnacle of Elijah’s life. The Baal worshippers dance around cutting themselves, all while Elijah mocked them. Then Elijah prays a prayer that brings down the fire of God on the altar. Timing is everything when you are Confronting. It’s all about God’s timing, not yours. When confronting a person or problem, you must be fully prayed up and prepared. Elijah had been preparing for this moment all this time. Now God was going to arrange the confrontation. When God’s in it, you defeat it. When He’s not, it can defeat you. Saint, never be fearful in confronting what you know you need to. When God is leading you to it, He will bring you through it.

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