Day 9 – The Jezebels of Life

1 Kings 19:2 – “So Jezebel sent this message to Elijah: “May the gods strike me and even kill me if by this time tomorrow I have not killed you just as you killed them.”
It’s amazing how quickly we can go from being on top of the world one minute, and feeling the weight of the world the next minute. That was Elijah. He had no trouble dealing with Ahab, but Jezebel was a different issue. There was a unique evil power she possessed. She was an evil powerful woman. One of the evilest in scripture. The Ahabs of life we deal with, it’s the Jezebel’s that get us. Sooner or later, we’ll all have a Jezebel to deal with. They challenge our confidence and faith in God. They seem to be on top all of the time. One step ahead and in control. Elijah doesn’t fare well with Jezebel, and neither do we. We struggle with certain evils in life, and our response is often the same as Elijah’s. Run! Runaway! Why try? She’s evil and out of control. Elijah had a God experience, but he forgot the experience of God. When facing our Jezebels, we cannot forget the power of God at work to deal with them. We must not forget that He can handle what we can’t. We must not forget that she is not in control, God is! The God that can deal with our Ahab, can certainly deal with our Jezebel. As intimidating as she can be, she is still under the authority of the Father. Elijah saw it with Ahab, but not Jezebel. You will never see the hand of God if you’re focused on the evil of Jezebel. Don’t let her get in your head. Don’t give her any ground. Fight her with all that’s in you! Her threats are nothing to your God. You must try not to run at all costs. That plays into her hand. Keep your head and heart in check and don’t let them fool you. God will deal with her if you stay focused on Him.

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