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DIVE Men's Ministry

"Building God's Men"

DIVE Men’s Ministry is a ministry made up of godly men with a desire to advance the Kingdom of God, spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and encourage men to pursue relationships with Christ in a way that will make us more useful in the Kingdom, our Homes, Churches, and Community.

DIVE Men’s Ministry is a MINDSET & MOVEMENT to:

  • Pursue God’s purpose for our life over our plans. 
  • Be present and available for Kingdom service; making discipleship a priority in our lives. 
  • Trust in the provision of God more than anything else; especially our abilities.  
  • Encourage men to reach for a level of boldness in Christ that they have never been motivated to achieve before. 

DIVE seeks to consistently remind men of the value that they carry in the Kingdom of God, motivate them to pursue a closer walk with their Creator, and encourage them to embrace the responsibility that God has assigned us as godly men. 

It’s GO TIME. God wants men to move off the sideline and experience HIM on a whole new level. We intend to grow our relationship with Christ by acknowledging and receiving Him as our only source in ALL things.  

DIVE prompts men to ACTION; inspiring them to reach another level of understanding and relationship with Christ that will impact how we execute in marriage, fatherhood, and discipleship. All to the Glory of God. 


DIVE Men’s Ministry currently meets every other Thursday. From 7 PM – 8 PM, you can join our “Building God’s Men” Zoom Call. Our Zoom calls are led by Dexter Glass and Stacey Gilbert. To obtain the Zoom call link, please visit our Facebook page or contact Dexter or Stacey.
We also have a Facebook page that you can like!


You can contact Dexter Glass at or Stacey Gilbert at

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