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Psalms 22:3 “He inhabits the praises of His people.”

The Music Ministry consists of men and women who strive to be unified in spirit and worship God with a heart of purity. We purpose to glorify God and to humbly serve Him with a spirit of excellence as ministers of music with hope and agape love. Our goal is to lead others into His divine presence exhibiting a heart of gratitude, praise, and worship.


  • Glorify God in our music
  • Enhance the desire for worship in our church
  • Proclaim the message of salvation and restoration to hurting people through music
  • Help musicians and singers develop their gifts to glorify God and build the church. In this, we also reflect the heart and vision of our Pastor
  • Always look at people through the eyes of God…
    • Not by what a person is….but what they can become;
    • Not by where a person is….but where they can be;
    • Not by what they have….but by what they can have.


You can contact Pastor Jeremy Carter at

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