Teena Stamper- 434-352-2378
What part of the Kingdom Team are you? Are you a goer? A sender? A prayer? or a mobilizer? You can do it all! Jesus instructed us to do our part in taking the Gospel to the Nations! If you are a goer, please consider filling out an application for the next missions trip. If you are a sender, please consider giving a donation towards the current trip. If you are a prayer, please be in prayer for the people of Jamaica to be ready to hear the Gospel and accept Jesus as their Savior. And pray for each Team Member to be prepared for this work and that God make provision for the trip and for the equipment and supplies needed. And finally if you are a mobilizer, one who encourages others to go, please fill out a volunteer application for the Missions Dept. Find your place in the Great Commission…and GO YE!